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Help for Hives has been created and funded by Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd.

The importance of regularly measuring the impact of urticaria

We have used this page to collate the various resources you can use to measure your symptoms. Take a look through each to get familiar with them as they will be instrumental in your appointments.

Measure your urticaria impact

Take control of your treatment journey with HiveHelper

To help your doctor find the best treatment for you, it is really important to measure your condition regularly.  HiveHelper is our virtual companion to help you learn more about urticaria and CSU.

HiveHelper is only currently available if you have Facebook Messenger. We are working on another way for those without Facebook to access the virtual companion tool. If you don’t have Facebook, you can download our interactive PDF resources here, which you can use to measure the impact of urticaria and CSU.

The CRUSE® app -- ChRonic Urticaria Self Evaluation app -- is another digital tool designed to help patients with chronic urticaria to monitor their condition. Having launched its pilot release in early 2022, the mobile app is developed independently by internationally-leading dermatology and allergy experts from UCARE, with financial support from Novartis (Novartis has no role in app ownership, data management, or control). There will be ongoing releases to expand and optimise use and may be unavailable during updates. Visit the for the latest information.

Alternatively, we also have three interactive PDFs that can help you to measure the impact of CSU. Regularly completing the online questionnaires that are right for you will give you and your medical team a greater understanding of how CSU is affecting your life and guide which treatment your healthcare professional recommends.

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